Thank you for checking us out! This website is a new venture of National Closing Center (NCC). Our missoin is to provide the most comprehensive help for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Having helped hundreds of homeowners, we have come to a conclusion that the best method in most cases is a process called a short sale. It's true that there are many programs, initiated by the government, designed to help people stay in their homes. However, we have come Happy homeownersto realize that for most of our clients selling their house fast and moving on is the best solution in the long run.

Also, we strongly advise to consult a professional even if you think the foreclosure is not imminent, but you are not 100% sure how long you are going to be able to afford your home. In addition, you need to explore all the options, including deed-in-lieu. Only experienced Realtors and attorneys can explain all the options.

We consider ourselves a Help Squad; the team that comes to rescue of people facing foreclosure. We help homeowners nationwide to start a short sale and avoid the devastating effects on your life (and life of your loved ones) that are inevitabely caused by foreclosure.

It is alarming how many borrowers do not realize the seriousness of foreclosure as a legal action against you. Once a lender is seeking to foreclose your property, the lender is resorting to suing you because of the breach of contract. This is a serious legal trouble, extending way beyond financial and moral responsibility. Foreclosure should be an absolute last resort, not a common occurrence!

Our experienced team makes sure that you get the best terms, your credit score takes a mild blow, you are able to purchase a new property in 3 years for sooner, and you your tax liabilities will be minimal or forgiven.

We make a foreclosure hanging over your head a thing of a past turning it into a short sale. And the best thing is--it costs $0 for you! All fees, including closing costs, are taken care by the bank.

As opposed to working with one real estate agent who may or may not be trained properly to handle short sales, you will be working with a team of real estate professionals. NCC is a nationwide network of real estate agents, attorneys and short sale processors. All of them posses the proper training, experience and passion to help homeowners just like you to determine and execute the best short sale strategy.

Our mission is to help homeowners with their exit plan now, so they can become successful homeowners in the future!